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What Makes Us Different?

A healthy, comfortable birth is far from impossible. Since our founding in 2010, we’ve prepared 4,000+ families for the birth of their dreams.

Our six-week course offers a comprehensive 360˚ curriculum, designed to help expecting parents feel confident, prepared, educated, and empowered during every step of the birth journey.

Our unique formula of Active Hypnosis, positive affirmations, breathing skills, Partner Doula Training and more will leave you walking out of class feeling like a birthing badass.

If you want an unmedicated birth, this is the place to learn how. But this is not an anti-epidural or anti-hospital class, by any means. Our belief that you deserve a childbirth experience on your terms inspires everything that we do.

We respect and honor every birth story. That’s why we educate you on all of your birth choices so that you can make informed decisions for you and your baby.

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The HABIT System 

  • Four simple, life-changing daily habits which will prepare you perfectly for childbirth
  • Hypnobirthing tracks for every phase of your journey:
    • Your Peaceful Place
    • Glove Anesthesia
    • The Shoulder Anchor
    • Colors of Peace
    • Birth Journey Fear Release
    • Your Healing Place
  • Childbirth Affirmations to help you overcome anxiety and create confidence
  • Proven breathing techniques for every stage of labor
  • Active / Alert hypnosis which allows you to remain upright and active, while still deeply relaxed
  • Daddy Doula Training, so that your partner will know exactly what to do
  • And much, much more!

About Our Founder

Lauralyn (Laura for short) has over 11+ years experience guiding couples through joyful, empowering births. She isn’t just a Certified Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, or licensed Hypnotherapist from The National Guild of Hypnotists. As a professional singer and trained yoga instructor, she knows breath work and body alignment better than anyone.

She doesn’t just teach this stuff, either—she lives by it! In fact, it’s this diverse blend of expertise that inspired her own unique formula of birth hypnosis, anchoring, relaxation, and vocalizations during the births of her four boys. And thus, HypnoActive Birth was born.

Lauralyn is committed to educating and coaching couples through every step of their childbirth journey. Get ready to birth without fear by joining our growing family of empowered parents today!