Every hero
needs a guide

Want a FREE Hypnobirthing Mp3?


a guide

Want a FREE Hypnobirthing Mp3?

Your birth story begins here.

You wake up one morning and your body is changing. You feel different. Everything is growing, you’re developing stripes, and your senses are getting stronger. Sharper. Your transformation has begun, and the biggest challenge of your life awaits you. 

The birth villains are rearing their ugly heads. Doubt. Worry. Fear. Anxiety. Negativity... They're everywhere! You want a positive, peaceful birth experience, but you don't know how to get there.

Birth is a journey. Don't navigate it alone. 

Every hero needs a guide; a guru to help you hone your unique strengths into a force to be reckoned with. That’s our job here at HypnoActive Birth, and we've got your back. We know the path and the pitfalls, and we can help prepare your mind and body for any plot twist that comes your way. 

Together we can journey from panic to power. Frightened to fearless. Confusion to clarity.

And when all is said and done….

You'll have an adorable little sidekick

Learn to harness the power of your mind

Shorten labor time
Significantly reduce pain
Fall asleep faster
Overcome fear and anxiety
Build confidence

Prepare your body to birth at its best

Your birthing body is COOL. Knowing how it works, and how to get it ready, gives you a massive advantage in labor. Think of yourself as Birth Athlete

Get clear about what you WANT in birth

You are the boss of this birth. Autonomy and consent are KEY. We'll teach you how to navigate the system, and train your partner to protect your rights

What is Active Hypnobirthing? 

The combination of Hypnobirth + Active Birth is a game changer for parents who want the BEST of BOTH worlds. 

Unlike other hypnobirthing methods, we teach Active/Alert hypnosis, which enables you to remain awake, aware, and fully in control at all times during labor.

You’ll be able to change positions, walk, and talk while remaining totally relaxed and comfortable. 

You'll learn to breathe, move, and vocalize intuitively, to speed up labor and turn down discomfort. You'll feel 100% in control, while deeply relaxed and calm. 

Our unique approach to birth hypnosis has been changing the births and the lives of thousands of our Curtis Method families for well over a decade. 


What You'll Get



120 pg. Class Workbook


Eight hypnobirthing tracks


Over 16 hours of hands-on class instruction


Confident Childbirth Affirmations 

The 3 - Step Birth Plan


Quiet Please labor door sign 


Questions to Ask Your Care Provider Checklist


Six Healthy Birth Practices Booklet 

Daddy Doula Training


Daddy Doula Cheat Sheet PDF


Daddy Doula ToolBox Packing List


Use your BRAIN Birth Consent printable

Empowering birth films


Group Mentoring Meetings 


Printable hypnosis scripts for your partner

Birth Soundtrack Relaxation Album

Live Class Schedules

Home Study

Every day

$347 per couple

 Self Paced, online learning


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  • Why use hypnosis to prepare for childbirth?
  • Why choose the HypnoActive Birthing Method?
  • Will this method work for a VBAC? (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

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Wondering which option is right for you?

I could tell you all about my long list of credentials as a Certified Doula, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, and licensed Hypnotherapist through The National Guild of Hypnotists. I could rattle on about my 10+ years of experience helping thousands of couples through life-changing, empowering births. I even have four boys of my own, two of which I delivered quickly and comfortably using my own methods of hypnosis and mindful breathing.

What I’d rather tell you is that I’m a hardcore believer we can’t change the world until we change the way people come into it. In fact, empowering women empowers the whole human race. I love helping women find their unique superpower and learn how to harness it during childbirth. I’ve been polishing and perfecting this program for over a decade, utilizing feedback from my couples to help create a personal, customizable approach to birth preparation. And I’d love for you to join my League of badass mothers stepping into their power.