Dads and partners, remember that birth is a Love Story, and you already know exactly how to love her. You’re better at it than anyone else in the world, and so together you write your unique story. Within you there is innate, biological birthing intuition, every bit as powerful as the birthing mother’s. You just have to learn to let go of your fears and tune into your instincts to protect, support, love, honor, and serve your partner as she brings your baby to the light.

I have all the energy I need to support my partner during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I release all negative energy as I prepare for our upcoming birth.

I set my own fears aside and focus on welcoming a new life into our family.

I intuitively know how to support my partner, in the way that she needs.

Sometimes all I need to do is listen and see.

My hands are strong and capable.

I quiet my mind as I protect the birthing space.

I am a deeply supportive person.

I am filled with profound love and gratitude for my partner.

I am flexible and adaptable to any situation.

I can do this. I am doing this.

This birth is a beautiful love story between my partner, our baby and me.

I leave all of my worries and fears behind me as our birthing time begins.

I bring an open heart, a sharp mind, and strong hands to our birth journey.

I initiate a cooperative relationship with our birth care team.

I am fully engaged and present in each moment.

I choose to breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.

My family is safe and secure at all times.

The right thing to do will come to me intuitively.

My mind is open to inspiration and intuition.

The words that my partner needs to hear come effortlessly to my mind.

I have all the knowledge and skills I need to support my partner as she births.

I create a safe, calm space full of love and safety for my family.

Positivity is my natural state of mind.

I am an expert at supporting my partner as she births..

Each day I am growing in confidence and optimism.

My attitude becomes happier and healthier as I prepare to welcome this baby into our family.

We work with our chosen medical professionals to create a circle of support for our baby

If I become fatigued I take a few minutes to rest and restore my body and mind.

I can rest and recharge profoundly in a short amount of time.

As labor progresses I intuitively know what needs to be done.

I call upon my birth education and training to support my partner effectively.

I know everything I need to know to do this work.

My job is guide, to protect, to be watchful and patient.

My role in the birth room is valuable and irreplaceable.

Each day I am becoming better at loving and caring for my partner and our family.

I am knowledgeable, strong, compassionate, and competent.

I have everything I need to be competent and successful as a birth companion.

I am driven to increase my birthing knowledge and skills.

I enjoy participating in our birthing classes and practice.

I am fully present in each moment.

I connect to my intuition and allow the higher good to happen.

I make time for myself and my family each and every day.

I have the energy to accomplish everything I need to do today.

I am proud of my strengths and I amplify all that is good within me.

I recognize and appreciate my weaknesses as a source of learning and growth.

I deserve whatever good comes my way today.

I have the power to do amazing things in my family and in the world.

I anticipate our upcoming birth with joy and peace in my heart.

I know our birth will unfold exactly as it should.

My life overflows with all kinds of good.

My mind has unlimited power.

The answers I need will come to my mind.

I radiate warmth and support to my partner throughout pregnancy and birth.

I will know exactly what to do in each moment.

Today I take the next right step towards our goals.

We are focused on a healthy pregnancy, a safe and happy birth, and a smooth postpartum adjustment.

I flow with abundant energy, love, and empathy.

Today is rich with opportunities and I open my heart to receive them.

I face difficult situations with courage and empathy.

Together my partner and I can handle anything that comes our way.

Birth is normal, natural, healthy and safe.

Every day I feel more confident, prepared and excited about our upcoming birth.

Just as my partner intuitively knows how to give birth, so I intuitively know how to support and honor her during birth.

I am prepared to calmly meet any unexpected turns of our birth journey.

I set all fears aside as I prepare to support my family.

I am strong. I am capable. I am skilled. I am intuitive. I am compassionate. I am a parent.