Positive Hypnobirthing Affirmations

Oct 06, 2022

Hypnobirthing helps birthing mothers have a more comfortable labor and delivery using natural methods. Some hypnobirthing techniques include affirmations, visualizations, and breathing techniques. Here, we’ll talk about hypnobirthing affirmations and how they work. 

What are hypnobirthing affirmations?

Hypnobirthing affirmations are inspiring, positive statements that birthing mothers repeat before and during childbirth. They help women focus on the moment and on different ways to interpret sensations. 


Some examples are:

  • My body and my baby know what to do
  • I’m making the right choices for me and my baby
  • I’m going to meet my baby soon
  • I deserve a beautiful birth
  • I have a support team that is looking out for me
  • Surges bring me closer to my baby
  • I am ready


Some people even prepare positive birthing affirmations for when things don’t go to plan. This could include needing to have an unplanned epidural or C-section. Some birth affirmations for these situations could be:

  • I’m making an informed choice
  • I embrace my decision because I am making it out of love
  • I am strong and I can adapt when plans change
  • All births are beautiful
  • When I take care of myself, I can take better care of my baby
  • I’m proud of my body for everything it has done for me and my baby
  • I get to hold my baby soon
  • I trust my care providers


What is the purpose of hypnobirthing scripts?

Hypnobirthing scripts or guided meditations often include both affirmations and imagery. These scripts can help women visualize contractions as ocean waves or surges, reframing their perceptions and sensations. Hypnobirthing meditations also walk you through a variety of positive birthing affirmations, giving you the chance to explore and test out what resonates with you.

These meditations can also combine breathing techniques with birth affirmations and visualizations. Adding breathing techniques taps into your brain’s parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). Practicing breathing and affirmations together makes these techniques more powerful by creating a strong association with feeling relaxed.


Why are affirmations important during pregnancy?

Hypnobirthing affirmations aren’t just for the day you give birth. They also can help you throughout your pregnancy. Repeating affirming statements helps reduce stress, making your pregnancy a more relaxed and comfortable experience. They also help you feel safer going into birth, arming you with an empowered and informed sense of confidence.

Birth affirmations are also more powerful during labor if you’ve practiced throughout your pregnancy. Inspiring thoughts become more powerful with consistent focus and repetition. You aren’t just telling yourself good thoughts; you’re teaching yourself a better way of approaching childbirth.


Can I learn hypnobirthing affirmations on my own?

There are many websites and videos that can help you learn hypnobirthing affirmations. You can also find online content about visualizations and some hypnobirthing techniques. Looking into these materials can be a great way to decide if hypnobirthing is right for you.

If you want to learn more about hypnobirthing, we recommend taking a class with an experienced birth professional. Our founder, Lauralyn Curtis, is a certified doula, yoga instructor, and hypnobirthing practitioner. Here at HypnoActive, she has helped countless mothers, partners, and birth companions prepare for a fulfilling, empowered birth experience. 


When should I start a hypnobirthing class?

At HypnoActive, our hypnobirthing classes go for six weeks at a total of 18 hours of instruction time. This makes both our in-person and virtual classes two of the most complete and immersive classes available. 

We recommend starting our course in between 22 and 32 weeks of pregnancy, so you have plenty of time to practice and prepare before your baby arrives. 

If you are past 32 weeks of pregnancy, don’t worry—we have a home study option you can finish more quickly. 

You can learn more about our classes here.

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